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WestPenn Doodles
WestPenn Doodles
WestPenn Doodles

We are a blended family of 5, Jaclyn (mom), Brian (dad), and children Alexandra, Dominic, and Vincent.

Jaclyn - mom, wife, nurse, and founder of WestPenn Doodles LLC.

Brian - husband, professional puppy snuggler, often you’ll see Brian on our social media snuggled up with a puppy for a nap. Our daughter. Alexandra, assistant photographer, and puppy socializer.

Our sons, Dominic and Vincent, play a huge role in puppy socialization. 

We have 4 full-time dogs in our home: Luna a Bernedoodle, Vega a Bernedoodle and Blu a Mini Aussiedoodle and Ayla an Aussie Mountain Doodle (Luna's daughter). Our other program dogs reside in our guardian home program this ensures they have a wonderful family life, and they have their forever home ready upon retirement. We adore our guardian families and appreciate the love, time, and care they put in to ensure that their dogs are part of the family.


All our dogs are family first, their health and happiness come before any breeding. All testing and temperament screening is done prior to any pairing to ensure puppies are healthy and have a great temperament.

Everyone in the house plays a part in raising our dogs and puppies, we all have jobs and work together to make sure they are kept clean, healthy, and socialized. All our puppies are raised in our home, they are handled by our children and exposed to the sounds and sights of everyday life. We believe that healthy, great-tempered puppies come from well-loved, health-tested parents. We strive to pair the best temperament and healthiest parents to produce amazing puppies.

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