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Upcoming Litters

We currently do not have any upcoming planned litters. 

If you're interested in an Aussiedoodle; an Aussie Mountain Doodle may be a great fit too

An Aussie Mountain Doodle is a cross between an Australian Sheperd, Bernese Mountain Dog and
Poodle. These doodles are a wonderful mix with great temperaments. They have a low to medium energy
level. They are generally a little more active than a bernedoodle, making them a great choice for families
who enjoy the outdoors and live a more active lifestyle. They tend to be A friendly dog with a sweet
disposition and a working nature. They are playful, and cuddly, with an upbeat personality. They get along
well with strangers, children, and other animals. They are intelligent and have the desire to please which
makes them highly trainable.

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