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All our parents are genetically tested for coat type, and furnishings so we can predict what the outcome of their offspring will be prior to breeding. We also test each puppy individually at birth to provide families with accurate information on the specific traits of each puppy in the litter prior to selecting their puppy.


Curly – A curly coat can vary much like a person with curly hair from looser curls to tight curls, this will vary based on parent curl types and genes. Often curly coat dogs tend to shed less. They also require daily brushing to avoid matting.


Wavy – A wavy coat is a less defined curl. This coat type is often low to no shed. This coat type requires brushing daily. Paying special attention to high friction areas like the ears, collar, and back of the legs to keep the doodle mat-free


Straight- A straight coat doodle is less wavy to straight hair but may have waves in some areas. Straight-coat doodles still require regular brushing and grooming. They are the least likely to mat as they have less curl.


What are Furnishings? 
The term "Furnishings" refers to the long hair on the extremities of dogs including head and tail (ie, mustache, long eyebrows, etc). This is what gives the doodle the "doodle look" Furnished Doodles require regular brushing and grooming to maintain coat and prevent matting. 



What does unfurnished mean?
Unfurnished is the absence of the furnishing gene. This creates a puppy who closely resembles their non-poodle parent. This is also referred to as “improper coat” or “flat coat”















Why do we choose parents that produce them?
We breed for health and temperament first. Colors and coats are a bonus to us. Some people want a big, fluffy typical doodle coat and some people simply do not.

Unfurnished Doodles are the answer for those that like doodles (breeds/health benefits and temperament), but don't like the grooming chores that come with all that coat! An Unfurnished Doodle does not frequent trips to the groomer. The Unfurnished doodle does have a higher risk to shed, generally shedding is much less than the grandparent breed (Bernese mountain dog or Australian shepherd), however, some unfurnished doodles don't shed at all. Our prior unfurnished puppy families report minimal shedding and say they only notice shed when brushing which may increase some at season change. For families with allergy concerns, we suggest visiting with the unfurnished puppy or a tee shirt test.

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