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Blu is a merle F1 mini aussiedoodle. Blu is 27lbs. Blu is an active guy and enjoys playing fetch, swimming and taking walks. Blu is very intelligent and learns very quickly when being tasked with new tricks and commands. His favorite activities are playing fetch and catching bubbles. Blu resides in our home.



Titan is a phantom merle F1 Mini Bernedoodle. Titan weighs 38lbs. Titan is a big lover boy. He loves car rides, walks, and cuddles. He enjoys playing with his toys. He enjoys cuddling and laying directly on top of you. He has a go-with-the-flow personality, when he greets you his whole-body wiggles. Blue is part of our Guardian Home Program.



Blue is a merle F1 standard aussiedoodle weighing 65lbs. Blue is active, he enjoys taking walks and runs. Blue is very social and outgoing and loves everyone he meets. He is a sweetheart and loves affection, he is happy to climb up on your lap for cuddles. He is intelligent, human-focused, and loyal. Blue is part of our Guardian Home Program.



Atlas is an F1 Aussiedoodles. He is 21in tall and 23lbs. Atlas resides in a Guardian Home. He masters new tricks quickly and is eager to please. He is always by my side. He enjoys going on adventures outdoors, riding in the car and solving toy puzzles. Atlas is gentle and affectionate, he’s wonderful with kids and enjoys meeting new people on walks. He is happy to cuddle beside us and enjoys the attention.




Oddie is a BernAussie 50/50 Bernese Mountain Dog & Australian Shepherd. Oddie weighs approximately 60lbs. Oddie is a fun-loving guy; he is very intelligent and loyal. He learns quickly and is eager to please. He is affectionate and enjoys spending time snuggled next to his people on the couch. Oddie is part of our Guardian Home Program.



Zeus is a phantom F1b Aussiedoodle. He weighs 9lbs. He is a social butterfly; he loves everyone he meets. He enjoys going on adventures, walks/hikes, and enjoying the outdoors. He loves affection and would happily be held or on your lap all day. Zeus is part of our Guardian Home Program.



Knox is a chocolate tricolor F2 Bernedoodle weighing 13lbs currently. Knox is playful and loving. He is very intelligent and learns quickly. He is gentle and tolerant of children. He loves playing outside and interacting with children. Knox is part of our Guardian Home

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